HCC Energia Solar was invested by GEF Capital Partners (Global Environment Fund) and SMZTO Group.

HCC Energia Solar was established in 2005 to work with small and medium-sized companies and energy utilities in electrical engineering projects. As of 2014, with its expertise in electrical engineering, HCC Energia Solar was one of the pioneers in working with photovoltaic solar energy technology in Brazil and aims to be the largest network of solar energy franchises in Brazil by 2023. HCC Energia Solar offers customized solar energy solutions for homes, companies, industries and agribusinesses, providing energy independence to its clients. Through its franchises spread throughout Brazil, HCC Energia Solar has already sold more than 150 megawatts and saved more than USD 80 million for its clients, thus contributing to the reduction of damage to the environment and savings for society.

GEF Capital Partners is one of the leading equity investment funds focused on Climate Investing and sustainability. The fund seeks to invest in companies that deliver positive social and environmental results, in addition to resilient companies that introduce efficient solutions for a sustainable future.

SMZTO Participações em Negócios is an equity fund orchestrated by José Carlos Semenzato, an absolute reference in brand management and expansion. SMZTO is one of the main franchise managers in Brazil, expanding and improving business models in various sectors to bring positive impacts to the lives of millions of Brazilians.

The investment of GEF Capital Partner and SMZTO will help HCC Energia Solar plans to expand its operation and strengthen its presence in the main markets and regions in Brazil, in addition to investing in the creation of its own power generation plants through photovoltaic panels.